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Nuevas Monturas

¡Se han agregado nuevas monturas a la tienda hoy!
La Cunning Hyaena, Scruffy Hyaena y Voracious Hyaena son animales muy sociables y leales compañeros con quienes pueden hacerse amigos de ellos.
Viniendo de lugares bañados por el sol, prefieren un clima cálido, pero también pueden hacer frente a otros entornos.

Una vez comprado, tu personaje puede usar esta montura en el juego en cualquier momento, sin importar si eres una cuenta gratuita o una cuenta Premium.

¡Consigue un compañero feliforme!
Los gerentes de tu comunidad

Divine Decorations #2: Originality in house decoration

Tibia house decoration has become a whole new style of playing the game. Who would have thought that a game like Tibia would give us so much room for creativity and expressing our styles in so many ways!

Today's topic is originality. Suzy Kill defines originality in decoration in the following way:

Suzy Kill from Gladera
The most important thing about being original is that you need to create something that came from your own head. You need to create something that nobody has done before. In order to achieve originality it is necessary to create and produce things that have left the intricacy of your mind, without being based on the idea of other people, always trying to do something that you have never seen anywhere. 

I asked passionate decorators if originality in house decoration is important to them. Let's see what they said.

Bijou Kidi from Antica:
Back in the days it was important for me to have my house decorated different than other people. I always wanted to have this "wow" effect, by playing with lights and colours. Nowadays however, it doesn't matter to me that much. My decorating style is mostly focused on forest, green colours. It's kind of messy. Also, in Tibia in times of instagram, we can see plenty of similar decorations. So I try to just keep my style mine, and I think that is what is making decorations original. To keep decorating in your way. Every person can be one of a kind. Even if there is some inspiration from others. Inspiration, but not copying!

Magiska Malin from Antica
I think it is important to never completely copy someone else’s deco! However, I find it very inspiring running around the Tibia lands to see how other people decorate their homes. To take inspiration is much different that to copy I think :) I find myself decorating my different rooms in my guildhall in all different styles too - new room, new feeling!

Both ladies brought up a very important matter - inspiration. What is it exactly? How can we tell the difference between getting inspired and copying someone? I think that it is all matter of good manners. First of all, if you get inspired you should always give that person credits or mention that your work is a follow up of their work. That is so simple, isn't it? Right! Copy, on the other hand, takes place when you use the same style and the same or clearly similar item stacks to achieve the same effect as someone else had in their house. In my opinion it never changes much if you put the items a little bit differenly or create a different shape out of them. If the final effect is the same and instantly reminds of the original idea, I would undoubtedly consider it a copy. So, to sum up:
Inspiration is creating different style and a fresh new effect of an existing idea
Copying is achieving the same style and already existing effect out of the same idea.

However, sometimes the decorator's main goal isn't to stand out. We all mostly decorate out of passion and the need to satisfy our own aesthetic preferences. Usually, due to our creativity we end up being original completely effortlessly, just like the following ladcies. 

Myshana from Garnera
It is somehow important, but not what matters most, what matters is that you enjoy viewing the decoration, and the process of decorating must be what drives your passion :D

Monzcarro Murcatto from Premia
When it comes to my own house it's more important to me to have deco that fits the space and that I enjoy looking at than for it to be something noone else has. But on the other hand I experiment a lot and I think my taste in deco is slightly weird, so I often end up with original pieces even that isn't my main goal.

What is amazing in Tibia Decoration community is that we all blend our styles up. This results from a great deal of inspiration on Instagram and thanks to it we can create more and more new amazing ideas based on existing stacks. I call this a deco chain. For example, in 2017 I put a lot of leaves in my houses to create a jungle with water spots. In 2018 Monzi created her own river with a bridge and it turned out mindblowing. In 2019 I added the two blended ideas into one on my Instagram and today the whole style is trending and we can see a lot of people using it in their houses. 

I also asked the decorators what were their favourite decoration ideas.

Bijou Kidi from Antica:
It's a hard question. I think that I'm really happy with water effects made of azure carpet, energy vein, midnight bloom flower, crystal of balance and voodoo lily pollen. Meaty vortex with scared frog on it looks awesome. Face deco is made of garlic and coal eyes + cave devourer maw.

Myshana from Garnera:
My fav deco stack idea would be Pink Roses - Voodoo, 10 luminescent crystals, lilly pollen, pink flower pot, and doll of your like, in this case I use jester doll!

Magiska Malin from Antica
Since I’m a sucker for the classic Blood Herb decorations I would say that my favourite stack is my Thick Trunk - Blood Herb - Trophy Stand - Blood Herb - Leather whip - Heart of the Sea - Lit Lightsphere stack

Monzcarro Murcatto from Premia
I don't really think in stacks, but more in surfaces, texture and colour. I change and adapt the things I make so they're rarely the same and for me a stack isn't a constant. If I had to choose a stack I'd say the jungle bridge made from a chess piece with two pieces of wood and bamboo leaves on. It was a very specific creation to a specific setting, but I see lots of people have used it and adapted it to their own setting, and I really enjoy that :)
Suzy Kill from Gladera
My favourite ideas are different kinds of faces like those

I hope you enjoyed this article. The third part is coming soon! <3



Concluida Fase de Pruebas

Después de tres semanas ocupadas y enérgicas, la prueba pública para la próxima actualización de verano ha finalizado hoy.

MUCHAS GRACIAS a todos los jugadores trabajadores, cooperativos y solidarios que nos ayudaron con entusiasmo con comentarios valiosos y constructivos e informes de errores durante la prueba. Apreciamos mucho su esfuerzo y dedicación.

Le agradecemos que haya invertido su valioso tiempo en probar el nuevo contenido y las características con nosotros, a menudo probando cosas una y otra vez para verificar los cambios y ajustes que hicimos, y también soportando bastantes muertes en el camino. Sus contribuciones hicieron la diferencia y nos ayudó enormemente a mejorar la actualización.

Esperamos que hayan disfrutado esta prueba tanto como nosotros, Tibianos, y esperamos una actualización de verano increíble.

Manténganse al tanto,
Los gerentes de tu comunidad

Friendship Day Decoration Contest


Dear Tibians!
We celebrate international friendship day on July 30th. Take a trip around Tibia together with your Tibian Best friend and show us how you celebrate the holiday together!

The contest takes place on Instagram. The likes will verify the top 5, out of which Cipsoft and other fansites' admins are going to choose the 3 winners. 
Each attempt to cheat the likes system, i.e. buying likes, will disqualify your work.

1. Decorate a Tibian spot (not a house!)
2. You can only use items that you can purchase from the NPCs.
3. You must choose ONE friend to be on the screenshot with you.
4. You cannot use objects that cannot be put in a backpack (i.e. the leaves, areca palm, etc.)
5. The screenshot cannot be edited.
6. The post must contain wishes to your friend OR an explanation of what friendship means to you (in English or Spanish). 
7. Your Instagram needs to be public.
8. You need to tag @tibiamagazine on the post and the photo.
9. You need to send your submission till the server save of 20th July. Gathering the likes will end on the 26th of July.
10. Only the likes on the Tibia Magazine' Instagram are taken into consideration. 

1st place - Golden Trophy of Excellence  + Nightmare Doll + 250 non-transferable Tibia Coins

2nd place - Silver Trophy of Excellence  + Blue Sphere 

3rd place - Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Bear Doll

Fin de semana Doble Exp/Skills

¿ Estás buscando una oportunidad para subir de nivel y mejorar tus skills? ¡Se acerca un fin de semana con doble XP y doble skills! Así que afila tus armas y almacena tus pociones, ¡un fin de semana lleno de matanzas de monstruos te está esperando!

Entre el server save del 3 de Julio al 6 de Julio, todos los monstruos producirán el doble de la cantidad habitual de puntos de experiencia, y tus skills, incluido el nivel de magia, avanzará el doble de rápido.

El progreso de la habilidad al entrenar sin conexión también se duplicará.

¡Que te diviertas!

Tus Community Managers.