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The Friendships Started in Tibia

Friends are undoubtedly extremely important in everyone’s life. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, each individual feels the need to have someone who is going to have their back, who is going to tell them when they act wrong, who is going to be able to give them advice. Numerous Tibians managed to find a person like that… through Tibia! In this article, we are happy to present a few friendship stories, each of them started in the game and they last for long years now, some of them even turned into real-life friendships!

Let’s begin with the story of the friendship of mine (Lady Mass) and Kasia (Divine’Angel). We have met thanks to a Tibia Facebook fanpage called Tibia Girls as we were both the admins there. When Kasia joined the staff, I got asked to explain to her how everything works as we are both Polish. At first, it was rather awkward, as it usually is during the first conversation with a person you do not know; however, we got close really quick, we realized how much in common we have, side note, people often confuse us thinking we are one person based on how similar we are! To this day, we laugh together, we cry together, we always give each other advice, we motivate each other, and have each other’s back no matter what! I cannot believe that I have actually met my best friend thanks to a game, especially that we do not even play on one server! I will be thankful to Tibia for life for providing me with this friendship! 

The following story presents the friendship between Flor Belina and her Tibian bestie Bharlok! It is mind-blowing that so many of us will be able to relate to this one.

The most beautiful thing in Tibia is the people you get to meet behind this screen. My friend Bharlok and I met 2 years ago in the game and have been best friends ever since. Despite the distance that separates Argentina from Spain, and not knowing each other personally, we build a friendship based on mutual trust, we help each other without asking for anything in return, and our friendship continues despite the huge time difference between South America and Europe.

The moments when we are together in Tibia are the most fun ones. We take a lot of risk in the game or do things we shouldn't be doing at our level, only to laugh together. Bharlok is that friend who always shows you a smile when he shows up.

So my friendship with Bharlok is one of the most precious treasures that Tibia has given to me. He came to my life surprisingly through this game and since then we have been inseparable.

Let us now show you a story of an amazing female friendship between Amy Meow and Nina Meow!