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Contest results

The Cipsoft and other fansites admins have made their choice!

1. Kriiz weeping - Prize: Golden trophy of excellence + choice between Midnight Panther Doll / Yellow Rose / tome of choice + 250TC
2.Jumping Cripple - Prize: silver trophy of excellence + choice between remaining two items
3. Braff Herza - Prize: bronze trophy of excellence + remaining item

We are going to contact the winners in-game so they can choose the prizes :)

TOP 5 Valentine's Contest Entries

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for participating.
All of you did great job but we had to pick 5 entries only!

We will forward the TOP 5 letters to CipSoft & fansite boards 
and they will pick the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

We assessed creativity, originality, writing skill (prose and poetry) and interesting ideas.

These are the TOP 5 works:

Kriiz Weeping

To My Purr:

Ohh My Dear Purr Valentine
I was far away when the day arrived,
Not being by your side felt like a crime,
But as some tibians love, this time we had to be apart.

Let me tell you the story, i hope you understand my love,
There’s no distance in this territory that could ever made my feelings turn off.

It was almost midnight, i was going home,
Walking through the jungle of Port Hope,
I found some creatures from banuta in a bizarre situation,
They were completely scared and running with no direction.

I went to see the chaos where they ran away,
I saw corpses on the ground i’m afraid,
All discovered there was impressive,
Scary giant footprints and Terrified Elephants acting agressive.

It looks like the Ape God was rambling on the jungle,
I’ve never heard that sound of footsteps rumble,
I had to roar very loudly asking for somebody to come,
And suddenly a druid appeared, i still dont know where he came from.

In a mysterious way he calmed down the elephants,
I don’t know if it was a spell but that’s irrelevant.
With my roar we guide them to another part of this paradise,
Now the jungle is quiet but my valentine’s was the sacrifice.

I’m sorry My Purr Love for being miles away,
I wanted to be with you on this special day.
I know that our blue hearts will never turn gray,
Cuz i love you through the distance in every single way.

Oh my my, i won’t resign
I’ll be with you till the stars doesn’t shine,
I love you my beloved panther to the moon and back,
Ohh Purry... You will always be my VALENTINE.


To my lovely Nature

Roses are red, violets are blue
I remember about you, of course I do
I'm sorry I couldn't reach out to you
I've been trying to save you - I still am, my boo

My lovely nature, the love of Port Hope
Valentine's has passed, oh yes, I know
I'm sure you don't mind, you know better babe,
that I love you so much every other day

I've heard the stories of the very bad air,
But honey boo, really, I still love your smell
They said the snow in Svargrond is about to melt,
Darling, you're getting hotter and hotter each day

I've been fighting these humans, so selfish out there,
We'll get over it soon, I promise, I swear
and I know our relationship's a bit bizzare
but it'll never change the way that I care!

All yours,

Jumping Cripple


I know how disapointed and sad you must feel because I left you alone on the Valentine's day.

The argument we had a day before made me think a lot. You were right. I am afraid of commiting to you. My nature is wild and I am used to being alone. I wander through Port Hope on my own and there is a reason why I get a little bit invisible at times... I was going to tell you that I don't want to hurt you any longer and I have to let you go. I didn't want to do that on Valentine's day, though.

On february 15th I woke up in my den and I heard very bizzare sounds. It was the giant spiders. Their legs make funny sounds and they're very noisy neighbours. It was Mamma Longlegs fighting with my neighbour, Mr Webster. She said she had to leave him due to the distance between them and then he said something that will remain on my mind forever. He said:

'Our relationship isn't typical. That's truth. There is long distance between us and I don't get to see you as often as I want. But I know one thing. I'd rather be yours from afar, rather than staying in arms of anybody else'

I realised it was about us, too. I am sorry for wanting to leave you. Our love is special. It isn't condemned. It is just different and it doesn't make our relatonship any less than the others. The more rarely I get to see you, The more passionately I will hold you when I get to see you.

Yours Xena

Braff Herza

Dear Port Hope
I am horribly sorry for forgetting about you on Valentines
My problem has always been the deadlines
When I think of forgetting about you, my heart whines

My feelings for you are truly bizarre
Nobody is as special to me as you are

In this very special day, I should have been with you
Without you, my day was very blue
Instead in Port Hope, I was in Kazoo
What was the reason? Well… there are a few

I was invited to a tavern party,
Later on, I visited Kruzak, that dwarf smarty…
Did I have fun? Oh well my love, hardly

Not a second passed by without me thinking about my home town,
Minute by minute, for me, it was a count down

On the way back, I meet a friendly Hyena
She told me to write an apology letter to you,
Your loving, Xena


Dear Kikix,
You might not believe me, but I really wanted to reach out to you on Valentines. You were not around though, what could I do? I tried to contact Captain Bluebear, asking him if he had seen you, but he was too busy shipping the people. Charles? This guy is barely a Captain, I do not trust his services. He does not deserve to be Port Hope’s sailor…
So the Valentines day for me was really boring, I was just wandering through the cities, trying to get any information about where you are at. When it was coming to midnight, I decided to give up, and instead, I was just making plans on how to make up to you that I couldn’t be with you. So this is what came to my mind

1. In case you forgot what I look like, I decided to draw a picture of me just for you. I am not the best painter though, the picture is bizarre but well, it’s hard to be a good painter when you have no thumbs after all...

2. The other way to make up was a poem, it might be simple, but I tried my best

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I am here confessing my love to you

3) I also wrote a song for you, it goes like this:

Kikix, do you love me?
Are you grinding?
Say you’ll never ever leave from beside
Cause I want ya, and I need ya
And I’m down for hunt alwaaays

I will sum it up by saying I’m sorry, I hope you are not mad and we will spend the next Valentines together, like we usually did!

Yours faithfully,

PvP From the Girls' Point of View

There are numerous approaches to play Tibia. Some people love to spend their time leveling, others are crazy about decorations, some are interested in the RPG part of the game and devote their time to collect achievements. There is also one more group consisting of the people who love to… Kill other players! This article is devoted to the PVPers in the game, as seen from the perspective of the women.

How is the female PvPing different from the PvP represented by males? Most likely it is not. The men, as well as the women, both try to give their best during battles, and moreover, they both have similar expectations towards the guild members and guild leaders. In order to prove that, we decided to ask one of the girls, Meraviglia (Kenora) about the traits that a good battle leader should have, to which she responded in the following way:
Meraviglia: It is hard to say what a leader should be like to be honest. In my opinion, a leader should not be self-concerned, he should take the benefits of his guild members as his priority and make sure his decisions don't have a negative impact on them. A good leader should also allow people to make mistakes and learn from these mistakes, so he should be understanding, but also strict when he needs to. And, most importantly, a good leader should love to play the game, enjoy it and motivate his companions.

To go further in the topic, we asked Anita Mentada (Talera) to help us find the differences between the female and male approach to PvP.
Anita Mentada: For me, PvPing as a girl is just like PvPing as a boy, the only difference is that they take advantage of the fact that you are a woman, it often makes them believe that this is what makes you “weak”. This belief is probably the reason why they are convinced that we are an “easy” target, but to be honest, the PvP of girls and boys is the same, everything depends on the game mode of each one.

Nevertheless, there are still people who believe that girls are somehow worse in Player versus Player fights than men. We asked Michi the Queen (Inabra) how to explain such conviction, and she comprehensively provided us with the answer.
Michi the Queen: Why are women perceived to be less skilled…. I had to give this some thoughts. The first reason that we all think about when we hear this question: girls are interested in different stuff than men, meaning, girls are less interested in PVP than men, and this is obvious… since we are little, even I remember at my kindergarten, we had a “creativity day” and for the boys was about mechanical stuff like opening a blender for example, and for the girls, we had bakery lessons. So since we are little we are guided to develop different types of interests and abilities (most of the time at least). And well, obviously since being good at something requires practice, and practice requires interest, I could list this reason as the first reason to answer this question.
The second reason is the fear of being criticized. When there’s a PVP action (war), leaders often say: “main chars only players who know how to defend the attack”; often women are so afraid of letting down the team, or receiving criticism that, no matter the level they are (I’ve seen girls being 700+ doing this) they re-log on a low-level character to fight and again, no practice, no perfect.
This last reason only applies to part of the women in this game, and going on from the fact of the other two above… The boyfriend factor. I’ve seen girls that play with their partners have a pattern of having even less PvP interest/skills than the women that are single in-game, and this is because most times our lovers want to protect us so much that they want to take us OUT of the action. Am I wrong? Rather than teaching us and helping us, I’ve seen boyfriends PAVORATING for us and transmitting this emotion to us, when the first thing to do PVP is to be calm in order to think!! Although, on the other hand, the most skilled women have also been known for having super-skilled boyfriends. So I do believe they play an important part in teaching them. I’ve myself, everything I know from PVP I learnt it from my ex-partner super proudly. Even with all of this said, I reckon the proportions of men and women playing good PVP in this game had changed within years. The amount of women vs men that know how to play PvP is less in quantity but I think in proportion we are about the same… say from 100 men in guild 10 know how to play GOOD PvP… against 10 women in the same guild, 1 usually knows how to play good PvP, maybe if there were more of us we would be perceived as the same?

Mentioning that the girls do not enter wars as much as men was an interesting point made. What makes women decide to enter war guilds then? Flaak Cherry (Garnera) described for us how come she decided to start battling. 
Flaak Cherry: Well, my PvP began due to the fact that like all or most of the girls in 2011, I was focused mainly on being "Charlover", back in these times, the things that caught our attention in the game were the quests, addons, photos, achievements, etc .. Being one of those girls, I then started dating a person who was involved in "war". Well, one day I decided with my real-life friend that we want to take a photo in Senja, which was the city that was barely populated, so then she decided to go AFK for a moment, and she was under my care. Suddenly, I decided to go to the South and I found a person turned into a Snake, it was something surprising for me. Well, immediately after I moved, that person quickly started moving away, which got me worried, so the first thing I thought about was my AFK friend. I didn’t know what I could do really, so I ran to her and wanted to push her to PZ, then I decided to go back to the South to take a look and I encountered many makers using Utana Vid, and then they caught me, they all rushed to kill me and I was in such shock! That awakened the “evil warrior girl” in me hahahaha! After that, I immediately decided to enter the war guild and even today I can say that I like the PvP. I consider PvP the most exciting touch that this game has! Men always like to believe that we are worse because we are women, but we prove them wrong everyday. Do not underestimate us, when it comes to PvP, we are all the same

To contrast the idea of girls not being as good at PvP as men, we asked Queen of May (Wintera) what is the part of the war she is the best at. After consulting her team she responded:
Queen of May: I do not consider myself the best player in PvP, but I have learned to do everything in a war or a fight, exiving, throwing magic walls, tanking, running respawns, but one of the most important things to learn was to give KS for hours. When I decide to KS, I take it very seriously. I usually focus on 1 target and I dedicate myself to do it for days, which I think is the most important thing in a war because in this way you can make your enemy weaker. During a fight I like to be very helpful for my team, I always try to support and take care of them in any way I can, by throwing magic walls tank mode (to win some time), or if the enemies decide to take PK, I’m trying to be the one that gives sio or use potions in Yellow Mode without fear of dying. Actually, this is what I like the most about being a mage, trying to "tank" is a very fun challenge. PvP really is what I like most about Tibia and I admire some people who are really good at it ♡

To confirm the idea of girls being equally as good as the boys, we asked Dumon Von’terryer (Talera) to describe a battle during which she felt proud of herself as a war member.
Dumon Von’terryer: Amazingly, in old PVP I had more pleasure in fighting. There was once a battle in LB with 50 people on each side, and I had to cross Liberty Bay to get to the defense spot. No one but the leader believed that I would be able to do it without dying. I ran from the front defense of LB's boat, passed a part of the team and then I reached the defense of the stone shop. As it happened when the Open-PvP words still functioned on the rules of the old PvP, doing that seemed impossible, and I did it. Even I couldn’t believe I’ll make it until I was already in the defense, but I made it!

Panicking is one of the problems that some players have to face and learn to control when they decide to join a war guild. We asked Diabah (Inabra) if she has ever had to deal with the problem herself, to which she sincerely responded
Diabah: It does happen to me sometimes that I "panic" when I am caught by surprise. The majority of the players who fight in war have their VIP list devoted to the enemies, we make special groups such as "makers and bombs" characters, so that we know when they might plan to make an attack and be ready for it, but sadly, we are not always able to predict everything and, depending on the leaders of the opposing team, we can sometimes get surprised by the PKs when we least expect it!

One aspect we have not mentioned yet is the enemies. Frequently, the relations between the members of the two war guilds are rather tense. We asked Nicolle Myst (Wintera) whether she keeps good connections with her enemies and the importance of being friendly towards your opponent.
Nicolle Myst: Actually the enemies that I encountered are a bit cruel when it comes to women. I think I have had different types of enemies: the ones who follow me everywhere until I disconnect; the ones who give me KS and also throw offends because "women are weaker and we endure less"; and the last group, the ones that only message me saying I do not know how to play or the opposite, tell me compliments and offer to join their team. Honestly though, thanks to all those enemies I think it is safe to say that I got stronger and learned how to make them shush in a classy way hahaha. I don't think it's important to be friends with enemies but I don't approve of the type of "hate" that is generated only by not belonging to the same team. Of course, I have also had friends in the enemy team, but mostly because at some point they were from my team and then they went to the opposite team. The good part of it is that they always warned me when they wanted to kill me hahaha. So I believe that partly it can be a good thing to have friends in the enemy team, and I am not trying to say it is impossible to make friends with the opponents, but personally, it has not happened to me yet.

Further in this article, we would love to share the preferences of some of the girls who are dedicated to war! Let us begin by demonstrating the answer of Giisah (Inabra), which shared her favorite and least favorite aspects of war.
Giisah: Like: the competition, the feeling of fighting against teams that think they are untouchable. The fun!
Dislike: Mixing tibia issues with real life. Teams that can’t win a fair fight because they are bad at the game and have to involve someone’s rl life to be able to win a war.

What about the best vocation for PvP? To answer this question we decided to make a poll and ask people about their favorite vocation for fighting. The results are the following:

                According to the poll, the magician vocations are the most desirable for PvP, with a considerable emphasis on the druids. Therefore it is not a surprise that Mila Goexp (Inabra) answered the question about her favorite vocation for PvP in the following way:

Mila Goexp: My favorite vocation for PvPing is the elder druid, mostly because EDs can throw paralyzes, which I like a lot about that vocation

Another question that we found interesting, concerning the topic of PvP, was the characters that the players like to use to PvP, mains or makers. 
The presented results prove that people are divided into two groups, The majority of the players that took part in the poll prefer fighting on main characters, whereas only 35% admitted that they fancy battling on makers. 
We asked Saabrinah (Solidera) for her opinion on the matter, basing on her preferences, she provided us with an answer.
Saabrinah: I prefer fighting on main, because it can tank more, runs faster, causes more damage, etc. I will always choose to do everything with my main char, although nowadays, the attacks of makers or "bombs" are very fashionable. I use both, main and makers depending on the situation and the battle.

Last but not least, we asked Danii Delta (Firmera) a difficult question. She was meant to choose between never hunting again OR never fighting again. Thankfully, there is no need to make such drastic decisions in the game, nevertheless, we loved the answer provided by Dani! 
Danii Delta: I would surely choose to never hunt anymore. Hunting can become boring after some time, in contrast to fighting, which in my opinion can never get boring.

The results of the poll on the matter have shown that players are nearly evenly divided into two groups! Some cannot imagine Tibia without the battles, whereas for the others, the hunting is the part they would not be willing to give up.

We also asked all the girls to prepare some tips for a person who wants to join the war or ameliorate their fighting skills. Summing them up, the player eager to improve his PvP should follow these steps:
-You need to like PvP and actually be interested in devoting your time to it
-Learn the PvP system of your server
-Do not use red mode if it’s not necessary
-Don’t worry about deaths, get used to them instead
-Pay attention to your leaders and what they command
-Learn how to exiva, try to remember the cities and their location on the map
-Add the most active characters of your enemies to your VIP list
-Learn the safe and dangerous areas on the respawns
-WATCH YOUR FRAGS! Once you see a red bar, you should try to lose skull. Remember it is better to die than to get red skull
-Use stone skin amulets, might rings, magic walls and energy rings (mages)
-Invest in a good set for PvP: speed set or a set that protects you from death (from SDs)
-Support your team, don’t try to be on your own
-Treat enemies the way you would want to be treated
-Create a special hotkey preset for war, don’t use the same hotkeys for PvP that you use for hunting
-If you are unsure about something, don’t be afraid of asking the more experienced guildmates
-Always try to see things positive, the enemy kills your monsters? Well, at least you are getting your charms!
-Don’t let negative comments discourage you, remember everyone started somewhere, mistakes are normal
-Remember it is meant to be entertainment for you! Have fun and don’t let it stress you out

They have also shared some approaches to practice PvP before joining war: 
-PK in a small team on a random server to learn how to push, escape, use runes (mw, destroy fields etc)
-Practice on test servers
-Start with a maker if you are unsure of your abilities
-Practice tanking on the PvE arenas, box with 8 monsters and see how long you can handle, swapping rings and SSas

Real Queens fix each other's crowns

Being a woman in a men-dominated community is extremely difficult for various reasons. 
“Nice rares, who gave you?”; “Are you really a girl? prove”; “do you have a boyfriend?”; “You play good, I mean… as for a girl” These are only some of the examples of the phrases that are addressed towards girls on a daily basis. Moreover, the girls in the game are often expected to fight between themselves in order to become the best. Does it really need to be this way, though? Having said that, we are happy to announce a new series of articles focusing on the female community in the game

In this article, we asked a few questions to the girls who devoted some of their free time for the cause of uniting the girls in Tibia!
Let us begin by explaining the importance of the girls’ union in the gaming community. We asked one of the creators of the biggest girl-concerned Tibia fan page, Tibia Girls, about her opinion on the matter. Andreina, who plays character Ryocrits on the server Solidera answered the question in the following way:

Ryocrits: I think we already deal with so much rejection and misogyny from men. In general, we are under-appreciated and taken for granted, it is sooooo much more difficult to earn respect and demonstrate what we’re capable of, it is way more hard for us to prove how good we are or the abilities we have, then you also gotta explain why you have these abilities cause you’re supposed to be weak, and vulnerable and ask for help, we already have all these things to go through then having to deal with other females that goes through the same but still teams up to make you miserable is just way too much, it’s important to be united cause who can understand us better than ourselves? We’re diminishing our value as a woman as we support other men, who probably will do it to ourselves to put someone down. Respecting and appreciating and valuing other girls translate into respecting and valuing ourselves.

The second question we asked Andreina concerned the idea behind creating Tibia Girls, to which she responded:

Ryocrits: I’ve addressed this question before and I always gotta say that even though I didn’t create TG my main goal once I got to be the “owner” of the name Is trying to drive the community through acceptation, celebrating and demonstrating girls are not better or worst than any other gender, just equal, by creating a safe environment where you can freely choose to share your achievements, your personal life, and your gaming experience and how these two collide to tackle down the stereotypes. To help people, to make people happy and to be trendsetters in many other fansites focus ideas!

We cannot forget about the streamer girls and their freshly created community. We asked the founder of @streamerstibianas (IG), Elisabete, who plays the character Li zy on the server Lutabra, what was her idea behind uniting the girls that streamed Tibia, to which she responded in the following way:
Li zy: 
First, we’ve seen that on the streaming platforms, Tibia is the game which has little audience compared to other games. So as we noticed that, we figured that there are a lot of Tibian women streaming, but they are not as well-known, not only because of the-somewhat-little number of viewers but also because the Tibia viewers usually choose to watch the male streamers rather than the females. We see many Tibia streamers trending on Twitch, but they are usually men. So our idea was to make our Tibia-streaming girls better known and united not only to get stronger but also to help each other.

As Elisabete is not only the creator of the community but also an experienced streamer herself, we decided to ask her if she would be kind enough to share some streaming tips for the girls that want to start broadcasting Tibia, which she gladly did!

Li zy: If she’s really determined to start streaming Tibia, she needs to be aware that she will face several challenges ahead, but her desire to stream needs to be greater than all of them.
She will need to spend a few hours of her day to do this, stand firm in days and
fixed times for her audience to get used to her schedule and know when to expect her stream. 
What is also important is to focus on what she really wants to show, be it PvP, hunts tips, quests, so basically if you wanna start streaming you need to create content for your audience. 
Another important aspect of streaming as a woman is knowing how to separate constructive opinions from non-constructive criticisms because the public's opinion is what will be very important to the direction of your stream, but not every opinion will be worthly.
What is more, she needs to prepare that because she is a woman, she will face many prejudices, but that is what we are used to facing in our day-to-day lives, isn't it? But platforms give us the tools to stop these types of behaviors, as well as to stop the disrespect and so on, so it’s necessary to separate trusted people in your stream, people that will be helping you to make a nice transmission without disturbance.
Most importantly, persistence is the key, just because today you don’t have a lot of viewers doesn’t mean that it will stay like this forever! Persist and make a fixed schedule. This way, as time goes by, your channel will grow and you will reach more and more audiences every day.
And finally, have fun with your broadcast, always be in a good mood, a smile on your face, sharing positive energy with your audience will attract more people to your channel.

We would want to thank Andreina and Lizy for taking the time to answer the questions and also appreciate the effort that they and their friends from the staff put in attempting to create a nice place for all the girls from Tibia.

What is your opinion on the matter? We would love to hear from you! <3
Make sure you check out the two mentioned pages if you haven’t yet!

Recompensas diarias dobles

¿Eres un tibiano diligente que recolecta meticulosamente sus recompensas diarias del santuario de recompensas todos los días?

¿El símbolo de un sol dorado te recibe con rayos brillantes y radiantes cada vez que visitas el santuario?

Enhorabuena, tenemos buenas noticias para ti. Su rutina será aún más gratificante el próximo mes.

¡Entre los server save del 2 de marzo y el 31 de marzo, todas las recompensas diarias se duplicarán!

Todos los tibianos recibirán el doble de artículos del santuario de recompensa durante ese tiempo. ¡El aumento de XP de recompensa diaria también durará el doble!

¡A los santuarios de recompensa!
Tus Community Managers...